The technical components of the fish ascent screw

Hydraulic steelwork

  • welded steel construction
  • continuously welded screw blades - gap-free
  • high stability
  • long lifespan


The environmentally and fish friendly HYDROCONNECT ascent screw is installed in a concrete structure or steel frame. The design is very thin and therefore only requires a small amount of concrete and space.

Fish ladder and attraction current

The fish transport is based on Archimedes’ principle: Fish are raised effortlessly upstream in the standing water of the screw chamber. special shape of the screw blades to create an optimised guiding current bottom connection for weak swimming fish such as the bullhead, for example.


Top: an axial self-aligning roller bearing accommodates the axial forces
Bottom: the radial forces are accommodated by belts or rollers

Generator works

  • Geared motor
  • Brake

Variable rotation speeds can be used through the implemented frequency converter technology

Fish discharge chute

  • chute to transport the individually ascended fish into the calm headwater
  • minimum slope
  • can be disassembled


If, due to the place of use, there is a need for a cover, then it can be realised using wood, glass, stone, concrete or other materials. The belt capstan and generator works are covered as a standard feature for safety and protection against external environmental influences. Generally, no complete covering of the system is necessary