The fish ascent screw (FAS, mono-tube)

The economical alternative for fish ascent

With the fish ascent screw (FAS) Hydroconnect additionally offers a low cost solution for the creation of fish passage from downstream water to the upstream water.

After a fast, cost-effective installation the fish ascent screw (FAS) runs with no water loss (savings of the official FAH supply)..

The system includes the patented technologies for the low-maintenance belt capstan and the luring and guiding current and is driven by a motor drive (ca. 1-3 kW consumption).

Benefits of the fish ascent screw


Injury-free fish ascent

Fish and other river life pass without injury and effortlessly from downstream water to the upstream water.


Low Space

The thin hydropower screw requires a minimum amount of construction work, protects the riverbed and is integrated inconspicuously into the landscape.


No water loss

Savings of the official FAH supply


Suitable for fluctuating water levels– No debris jamming possible

After flooding not maintenance-intensive such as slot pass or pool pass


Fast, cost-effective installation

because of simple and robust construction


Low-maintenance & all heads doable

The patented belt capstan replaces grease-lubricated underwater mountings and allowes all heads.

The solution in use

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