Hydroconnect fish ascent screw:
The economical alternative

In contrast to conventional “fish ladders” or fish passes, the Hydroconnect fish ascent screw is considerably more environmentally friendly, space-saving and economical.


  • NO water loss – Savings of the official fish ladder compensation water
  • Simple, robust construction
  • Fast, cost-effective installation

Animal & environmentally friendly

  • Creation of fish passage from downstream water to the upstream water
  • 100% freedom from injury for fish and all water life (macro-zoobenthos compatible)
  • Space-saving and resource-saving system (also for narrow gorges)
  • Patented luring and guiding current (only manufacturer!)


Can be
used universally

  • Low maintenance
  • Suitable for fluctuating water levels
  • Not maintenance-intensive after flooding
  • No debris jamming possible
  • Drive motor (consumption ca. 1-3 kW)