The double rotating
hydropower screw

Energy generation +
injury-free fish migration

With the double rotating hydropower screw with integrated fish lift you will meet the requirements of the EU Water Framework Directive and generate electricity.

The patented, gap-free hydropower screw including the fish lift makes injury-free fish migration possible as well as the movement of microorganisms and sediment past transverse structures with simultaneous electricity generation.

This makes the Hydroconnect hydropower screw the fish-friendly and energy-efficient solution for complying with the EU Water Framework Directive (WFD).

Benefits of the hydropower screw


Injury-free fish migration

Fish and other river life pass transverse structures and dams without injury and effortlessly.


Low space requirements

The thin hydropower screw requires a minimum amount of construction work, protects the riverbed and is integrated inconspicuously into the landscape.


High efficiency

Up to 70% electrical efficiency (=power output at electrical connector terminals) – even if the water level is low – thanks to the patented, gap-free and fish-friendly construction.

Scientific Voices (excerpts)

  • continuous ascents registered during the entire operating period (Oct. 2013 to March 2014)
  • The hydrodynamic screw from Hydroconnect is very well suited for fish descent
  • various fish species descended and ascended
  • o danger of injury for fish (upstream and downstream)

BERNHARD ZEIRINGER, MAXIM GRIGULL & STEFAN AUER BOKU – University of Natural Resources in Vienna, Institute for Hydrobiology and Water Management

The solution in use

Frequently asked questions

How high is the efficiency of the Hydroconnect hydropower screw with double rotating cylinders?

The mechanical efficiency is up to 90%. This results in electrical efficiency, minus all the mechanical losses, of 65% even for small systems. In larger systems, the electrical efficiency increases to 70% and more.

With what water supply does the system work for electricity generation and fish migration?

The system can be used starting with a supply of 100 l/s. The highest flow rate is currently offered at 6,500 l/s. These systems are very well suited as residual water machines or as main machines for small locations.

What is the service life of a hydrodynamic screw with double rotating cylinders?

The HYDROCONNECT hydropower screw with double rotating cylinders is calculated for fatigue strength. The selected corrosion allowance with the choice and thickness of material ensures a minimum service life of 30 years.

Has 100% freedom from injury been proven by recognised centres for all river life?

Yes, of course. All research programmes and monitoring studies were accompanied by the Institute for Hydrobiology and Water Management (HG) at the University of Natural Resources in Vienna (BOKU). 100% freedom from injury was confirmed by BOKU in numerous studies.

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