Financial and technological benefits
of the fish-friendly Hydroconnect hydrodynamic screw

High energy efficiency
Due to the gap-free drum design of the environmentally-friendly Hydroconnect hydrodynamic screw, there is no loss of water at all. 100% of the residual water is used for energy and achieves electrical efficiency of between 65% and 70%.
Low speed
Thanks to the slow turning speed, the fish are transported upstream or downstream with very little effort and 100% injury-free.
Compared to other fish bypasses and residual water machines, the solution from Hydroconnect is more economical as a general rule, can be realised with very little space, and pays for itself by the continuous electricity production.
Easy assembly
The pre-assembly at the factory and compact design make the installation of the hydrodynamic screw easy. Compared to turbines, the excavation work is relatively minor.
Assured of a good future
Through the possibility of fish migration both upstream AND downstream, the Hydroconnect hydrodynamic screw is already a solution today for the future requirements of the EU Water Framework Directive 2000/60/EC.

Ecological benefits

Injury-free fish migration
Studies by the Institute for Hydrobiology and Water Management at the University of Natural Resources in Vienna (BOKU) document the injury-free passage in the fish lift. It happens voluntarily, effortlessly and is possible for all fish sizes and ages.
Low noise emission
The electrical energy generation and patented belt capstan are very low-noise items and hence also predestined for use in populated areas.
Ecological balance ensured
Even microorganisms can pass through the Hydroconnect hydrodynamic screw safely. That way, the ecological balance in the waters is maintained in the best possible way, which is an important requirement of EU WFD 2000/60/EC.
Low space requirements
The compact design (3 solutions in one system) facilitates its installation even in existing power plants and in tight spatial conditions such as in gorges or built-up situations. The townscape or alternatively landscape is protected to a great extent in the process.